Cables Jam

We are starting a new cables jam that you can participate in, right now.

The theme of this jam has been decided by our competent and international table of experts to be "Lights & Shadows".

Rules are simple and as follows: "Use at least the differen light-ops in your patch".

If you want to enter the competition, start patching, make sure you follow the rules, tag your patch with cables_jam_03 and make it public. Be done by 21.12.2020 00:00:00 CET (that is the night from sunday to monday).

We will then do a screening of the patches in the week following the deadline and announce the winners on our Discord session on 23.12.2020.

Not sure where to start? Well...

Here are the ops of which you have to use at least two:

And here is a recording of the livestream where we present the release that featured all these ops (starting at around 21 minutes in). 

We hope that gets you rolling and inspired. Can't wait to see what your come up with!

the jam team

Cables jam #2

As of today you can take part in the 2nd cables jam!
The theme is 3 colors
This means that you can only use 3 rgb values with anything using color in your patch.
To be clear if we find any patch where more than 3 colors are used then it will be disqualified 🙁
And yes everything on the screen has to use one of those colors.
So if you can define a color with a parameter of an op in your patch then it has to use one of those values.

The deadline is the 4th of may 00:00 CEST
We'll decide the winning entries on the 5th of may and show them on our live twitch stream in the evening.

The winners will all receive exclusive awesome cables swag.
We can't wait to see what everybody will create 🙂
To make sure that we can find it go to your Patch settings and publish your patch.
Make sure it has the tag cables_jam_02

Check the image below to see how to do this.

UPDATE : You can submit as many patches as you'd like 😉

Announcing the cables jam winners

Hi everyone,
It's been great to see the creative efforts of the community to take part in the first cables jam.
We were surprised and delighted by the results based around the theme "virus".

The winning patch was made by Dino and was called Stop the virus

The other patches are also winners as far as we're concerned so we decided that everybody will get an exclusive cables t-shirt and other various cables swag!
It's unfortunately going to take a while to get everything to everybody due to the global effects of the Coronavirus so please be patient.

We'd like to close off with a massive thank you to everybody who participated! 
And last but not least we've decided to host a few more cables jam events in the coming few months, we can't wait to see what you'll all come up with <3

the hand by chunna

virus warning by titus

Parasit by fariskassim

Virus_1 by jimmcnulty41

Covid 19 confirmed cases by pandur / devs don't actually take part in the competition 😉

take part in cables jam #1

On the 10th of March we'll be holding our first themed cables jam.
The theme for the first cables jam will be...... drum roll
Everybody has till Sunday the 15th 23:59 CET time to finish their entry and publish it online.
Click this link to be sure 😉

To make sure that we can find it go to your Patch settings and publish your patch.
Make sure it has the tag cables_jam_01
Check the image to see how to do this. 

We'll decide upon the top 3 entries by the 18th of March.
The winners will all receive an exclusive cables gl t-shirt and other various awesome cables swag.
We can't wait to see what everybody will create 🙂

Any patches which contain any form of racism or discrimination will be removed from the competition. 
Just be nice 😉