Shadertoy to cables tutorial – part 01

We've just released the 1st part of a new tutorial series on how to port shaders from Shadertoy into cables gl. 
There's also a new section on the documentation with a guide on how to recreate the uniforms.

New HTML CSS tutorial – CSS property op

We just released the 3rd video of using HTML and CSS ops inside of cables.
This episode will show you how to use the CSS property op to change CSS parameters in real time

New HTML CSS tutorial – Transform element op

We just released the 2nd video of using HTML and CSS ops inside of cables.
This latest episode will show you how to use the transform element op.

GLTF ops tutorial – 02

The 2nd part of the GLTF op tutorials will show you how to prepare and import a more advanced model with textures inside of cables

New tutorial video – GLTF ops – 01

Cables gl now supports the GLTF 3D model file format.
Learn how to import a simple GLTF file, assign materials and convert files into a format that cables can use with this new video.

New tutorial video – Preset op

The preset op allows you to store the state of ops and their parameters. This allows for state management inside of your patches. Learn how to get started with the op in this new tutorial video.

Map range op tutorial

The map range op allows you to remap the range of a value to a new one.
It can also be used to clamp values and to create chains of animations.
Learn how to use it with the latest tutorial video.

Interactive rectangle op tutorial

Learn how to use the interactive rectangle op to create an onscreen slider inside of cables with this new tutorial video.

New video tutorial – cables file manager – import files

This third introductory video will show you how to use the new and improved file manager system inside of cables.
We also cover how to import files and how to open the editor and clone an op.