Copycat(s) with cables live stream – JunKyoshi

We've finished another live stream of copy cat(s) with cables. This time Andro recreated some pieces from the visual artist JunKyoshi.
Check out the video on youtube and scroll down to see the final results.


Copycat(s) with cables live stream

We had a blast with the last twitch live stream where Andro did as many small copy cat(s) as possible.
It's been uploaded to our YouTube channel in case you missed it.


Links to all the patches are below .
Some patches have been improved after the stream.

New Copy cat cables video – Missing cube

The latest Copy cat with cables video tutorial will show you how to recreate the piece "Missing cube" from Junkiyoshi

New copy cat with cables tutorial – 回転する帯。

Our latest Copy cat with cables tutorial was inspired by twitter user @junkiyoshi.
The piece is called 回転する帯。 

Copy cat with cables – 20 goto 10 c64

This episode of CopyCat with Cables recreates the classic 20 goto 10 Maze generator from the legendary C64 computer.

Copy cat with Cables – Tyler Hobbs – Untitled

Our latest Copy cat with cables video will show you how to create a piece inspired by Tyler hobbs called Untitled.

Copy cat with cables – Splinter cell blacklist loading screen

Learn how to create a stylish transition from one image to another inspired by the loading screen from the computer game "Splinter cell Blacklist". This episode will teach you how to create your own transitional effects with cables.

Copy cat with cables – Monochrome And Minimal

This copy cat cables recreates a visual generative style inspired by the work of monochrome and minimal and the old c64 goto 10 patterns.

Copy cat with cables – elite dangerous loading screen

Welcome to the first video of the Copy cat cables channel.
In this video we show you how to recreate the effect used in the loading screen of Elite dangerous.