Copy cat tutorial – sci fi tunnel

The latest copy cat with cables will show you how to create an endless sci fi tunnel effect. 
Inspired by the particle strip tunnel from Keijiro Takahashi

February 2020 Release

We just released a big update to cables!

Some highlights: GLTF 3d file support, New Designed Sidebar, Improved Search, tons of fixes and enhancements
You can find the complete list here at:
In the coming days and weeks we will publish more Explanations, Showcases and Tutorials of these new ops and functionalities!

If you have any problems, try to clear your browser cache (cmd+shift+r ;-), otherwise please let us know in the forum if you find any problems!

CSV data visualization tutorial 03

This tutorial will show you how to map air pollution data from the city of Katowice to real world coordinates with latitude and longitude data.

CSV data visualization tutorial

Learn how to get started with data visualization inside of cables.
This video will show you how to visualize data from an imported CSV file.

Meetup Cologne, November 2019

Our first cables meetup in Cologne was held at the offices of undev last tuesday.

Since it was the first meetup we partly focused on general concepts in cables and a short introductory "workshop". Our old friend and cables "urgestein" dino offered to give some insights into his winning "three dee" demo gerade aus

The "family and friends" turnout was really goof.  There was a nice atmosphere and we hope everyone had a fun and educational evening.

We'd like to thank everyone for joining us and promise to have these on a more regular basis (think: bimonthly, last tuesday of month) in Cologne as well.

Stay tuned (on slack, twitter or email) for the announcements and a vote on the topics of the next evening. Please feel free to drop any suggestions beforehand via either of these channels.

See you soon, cologne-cables-crew!

credits: photos by fraumimimi (left) and stephan (right)

A<FESTIVAL – Katowice

The nice people of antyRAMA organize a yearly festival spanning different fields of art, architecture, socialstudies, technology and more. This year we're proud to share that we were invited to hold a workshop on "data visualization" for the first three weekdays leading up to the main festival weekend.

We held a mostly hands-on workshop on how to use cables in general, we added a bit of talk about the general problems when working with public data and then went on to show how to use cables to visualize data. The main idea was to take some "open data" provided by the Medialab Katowice to visualize the air pollution in the city.

Our wonderful host told us that Katowice used to have/has a huge problem with pollution, mostly due to it's history in being a coal-mining city. We wanted to know whether the given data supported this, and if so which parts of the city suffered from this the most.
All participants were given the same set of data and a rundown on how to integrate this into their patches. In the end every participant went home with their own, individual representation of the air pollution in Katowice.

The final presentation consisted of one patch made by one participant of the workshop as well as our own interpretation of the data. Given the quite limited amount of time (about 12 hours of workshops) and also the fact that we started from scratch with a blank screen we were really impressed by the outcome. We hope the participants learned a lot of new things, we sure did learn a lot about teaching data visualization, working with geodata and CSV and how to run a supernice festival.

Viique's presented patch
cables patches shown/used 

How to add custom controls – Byte size

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