New tutorial – surface scatter instanced op

The latest tutorial video of made with cables will show you how to use the surface scatter instanced op.This allows you to instance geometries across the surface of a mesh.

evoke 2019 jingle animation made with cables

evoke 2019 jingle animation made with cables
by varia / chunna / susencrusen / pandur

watch in realtime: 

New introduction to cables videos out now

We gained so many new users from launching the public beta that we decided it was time to update our introduction to cables videos.
A massive thank you to everyone for the overwhelming positive response and sharing.

Coding with cables – Random walker op – 01

Coding with cables returns with a new exciting 3 part series. 
Learn how to code your own Random walker op inside of cables.
Inspired by the one and only Daniel Shiffman <3

Coding with cables – Random walker part 2

Part 2 of the Random walker tutorials is live. 
Learn how to create generative art pieces with the random walker and other cables ops.

Cables is now in public beta

We’re incredibly proud to announce we have launched the public Beta of cables.
After 4 years of hard work we’d like to welcome you to join us in making beautiful interactive content in the web browser.
Please help us spread the word. 

Ableton and cables – Midi CC – new video

We’re excited to announce the release of the 3rd video in our “Cableton” series. Learn how to use Midi CC data from ableton live to control a post processing chain inside of cables.

New video tutorial – Variable ops

This video will show you how to use the Variable ops. This allows data to be sent and read anywhere in a patch. You can also read and write data to en external source such as your own web page.