Using cables in the classroom

While trying out a new creative tool for yourself is fairly easy, deciding on the right platform to introduce to your students as a teacher or professor is probably a bit more of a serious task. First and foremost, your platform of choice will need to be easily accessible to all of your students. But you will also want to make sure it is easy to learn, and provides enough material to empower self-paced progression.

Running fully in the browser, free of charge, and with tons of published projects to learn from, we believe cables is the perfect visual programming platform to use in the classroom. And we are excited to see that more and more universities around the world are starting to use cables. Digital Art, Web, Graphic and Motion Design, UX, Digital Humanities - the range of areas students are coming from is impressive, and so is the variety of projects they have been creating using cables. 

We wanted to learn more about how people are using cables to teach creative coding. So we reached out to some of our dearest community members who work in education. Let’s hear their take on introducing new tools to their students, and how that is going with cables specifically. By the way, they didn’t get paid for any of what they said 🙂

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November 2023 Release

Incoming Notification...

Coding ops and working together on projects or in teams is an important part of the cables community. Therefore, making it easier to find out what's going on in your teams and patches, without breaking your flow of working, has been long overdue.

Read on here or visit our changelog to find out how that works, and what else we’ve got for you in this update.

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September 2023 Release

Hello Everyone,

after handing out the roadmap for what's to come last time, we are back again with a new release of

Head over to the changelog to see all the changes one-by-one, but read on to get a rundown of some highlights.

You will find that we improved the workflow of collaboration even more, give you some nifty tools for VJing, let you organize your favourite patches and make you animate your 3D models even easier. And that's not even all of it!

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Supporting Cables

become a patron

For a long time we have been asked on how we can keep cables free and open to everyone.

We finally made the move to make a project that you can easily support financially using Patreon!

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June 2023 Release – Part III

more new ops

ops ops ops

This is just a selection of some new ops.
Expect more youtube tutorials in the next weeks where we will go into the details and how to use them etc.

If you have any questions or requests let us know on discord or the forums!

Check out the last changelog entries for more new ops

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June 2023 Release – Part II

editor updates

More Control!

In our last post we covered the first part of the June 2023 release of We explained how to team up and collaborate on patches and ops.

This second post will take you into the changes that came to the editor and some (new) parts of the website. As you can see in the full changelog, we fixed some bugs, added some features and, for the most part, tried to make your life of patching easier, both in patching and managing your patches.

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June 2023 Release – Part I

create and collaborate

Team Up!

The last release gave "Extensions" to the cables-community. A way to contribute your code to cables. This release gives all the power of this into the hands of "Teams".

Because it's a huge release, with some major changes, we will also split the presentation of it into a few more posts.
This one being about how to collaborate on and share ops with the cables-community.

Before we dive in, as you know, you can find all the changes that went into this massive release in our changelog.

The real talk for this is in the docs. As "RTFM" is really rude, we will give you a quick rundown of how to work with Patch Ops, User Ops, Team Ops and Extensions.

All of these are tied together in teams. They are the new and improved way to collaborate on patches and ops. Teams then can share these - be it with your friends, coworkers or the whole community.

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December 2022 Release

unwrapping presents

Wrapping it up... you can unwrap it again.

The end of the year usually sees some action in tying up loose ends, trying to get things finished and into a clean state.
The same goes for With this update we bring a lot of smaller bugfixes, "quality of life" improvements and we
build further on the foundations laid out in the last releases.

Check the changelog for a comprehensive list of all the changes if you are eager to jump right in. As always, we will highlight a few notable changes in a small post right here. So continue reading!

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October 2022 Release

changes on the meta-level

New Toys To Play With...

...and a lot of smaller changes, improvements and bugfixes come with the third of 2022.

This post will lead you through all the changes and improvements that we added to cables in the last few weeks.
If you just want the tl;dr, check out the changelog or watch our "Release Chat" on YouTube.

We'd love to hear your feedback, let us know!

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June 2022 Release

Hot Summer Updates!

Here we GO!

Our second release of the year 2022 is stacked and packed for launch. Take your time, grab a juice and dip into all the new things that we added to your toolbox. We added lots of new workflows and Operators, we rewrote and improved some of your old favorites, made the website stronger and faster, and polished some details!

Everything is ready for you in the editor NOW, so patch some cool art and share your creations!

For all fans of changelogs and text only mode - dive into the deep end here .

OK, let's take a tour!

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