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For a long time we have been asked on how we can keep cables free and open to everyone.

We finally made the move to make a project that you can easily support financially using Patreon!

By supporting cables on Patreon you will be able to pick from one of five levels. The levels differ in the monthly amount - obviously - but also in the benefits you get with each level.

Keeping our word that cables will always be free to use, we keep the benefits of supporters "visual" and "early access". 
No "freemium" or "pro account". Some also get awesome shirts!
Pick some level that you feel comfortable with and rest assured that we love supporters at every level.

For a up-to-date list of what the different levels contain, head over to Patreon itself.

All of the levels will give you one of the icons above on your user's profile and a smaller one on discord. 
We mention everyone on the credits page, and supporters of any level will join a super-exclusive channel on our discord server.

We will be releasing new tutorial videos early for supporters of the silver level and above.
If you are in for the shirts and stickers, you should pick the gold level or above.

Once you go above gold, we set aside some time at your request to help you with anything cables related. Book us!

So now you might want to know what exactly we are up to that you could be a part of, right?

The Future

Here are some things to come, with your support


Create ops by using the editor, just like patches

Helper/Overlay System

See and know the bounds of your 3D world and navigate with ease

Scoped Variables

Avoid conflicts when using lots of variables in one patch


Code shaders, without programming


Support the next generation of accelerated graphics on the web

Particle System

Create, simulate and animate clouds of particles


Organize your favourite patches into lists. Collect them all!


Keep track of your invites, team members and all the updates on

Offline Version

Work on your patches on the go, present without an internet connection

Open Source

Open up the code of to the world

Rest assured that all the other ways of supporting cables are still good way to go.

Along with all that, you can check on more fixes and improvements in the changelog of this release.

So...head out and support the development of cables, in one form or another.

Let us hear some feedback! Talk to us on social media, on discord or on github discussions.

Team Cables

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If you want to see some special feature integrated into cables,
contact us to see if we can make it happen.