June 2023 Release – Part III

more new ops

ops ops ops

This is just a selection of some new ops.
Expect more youtube tutorials in the next weeks where we will go into the details and how to use them etc.

If you have any questions or requests let us know on discord or the forums!

Check out the last changelog entries for more new ops

Render To Multiple Textures

This Op received a complete overhaul: Render many arttributes to different textures at once.
You can render the XYZ positions of each pixel or mesh to a RGB texture.
Now its easily possible to render id for current material, index of instancer or many other things into color values!

Debugging colors

When working with data textures it is often hard to debug. The VizTexture op now can show RGBA values at a pixel position for much more direct visualization of your data
Intersection Ops
This is a new group of ops for just very simple picking/raycasting and inter body collisions.
Often we don't want to use the >1mb big ammo library when we don't need any physics simulation, just some simple clickable 3d objects.

check out the intersection example
Composing Data Structures

For a long time we have ImageCompose to compose images. The same workflow now can be used to compose Arrays and Objects!
You can now use trigger ops like repeat to store values in arrays!

Check out compArray and compObject
Spring Animation Op

The new Spring operator is an advanced version of the good old smooth op. Just plug in a number and it gets animated in a springy fashion!

Thanks to lorenzomf for this contriubtion!