June 2023 Release – Part I

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Team Up!

The last release gave "Extensions" to the cables-community. A way to contribute your code to cables. This release gives all the power of this into the hands of "Teams".

Because it's a huge release, with some major changes, we will also split the presentation of it into a few more posts.
This one being about how to collaborate on and share ops with the cables-community.

Before we dive in, as you know, you can find all the changes that went into this massive release in our changelog.

The real talk for this is in the docs. As "RTFM" is really rude, we will give you a quick rundown of how to work with Patch Ops, User Ops, Team Ops and Extensions.

All of these are tied together in teams. They are the new and improved way to collaborate on patches and ops. Teams then can share these - be it with your friends, coworkers or the whole community.

The Gist Of It:

Create a team. Make it private, unlisted or public. Let people join - or invite them. Add patches and ops.

Sharing patches is pretty straightforward: Everyone in the team will be able to open all the patches in the editor.
Make individual users collaborators of the patch and have them work with you.

With Ops, it's now like this:

If you feel like it, you can check all the implications by diving into the new section about permissions in the docs.

Also feel free to give us feedback, report bugs or let us know what you are missing in this new workflow.
We also love to hear that you like it! 😉

Credit Where Credit Is Due

With this release being about sharing, and contribution we reworked the credits page on cables.gl to include all the contributors in the community, all the open source projects that we are standing on the shoulders of...and most notably the companies that sponsored cables development in the past.

If you want your logo on that page, contact us to find a spot on our backlog for features you'd love to see integrated.
Thanks again to everyone that contributed to the development of cables so far!

Op Selection

To not make this post too text-heavy. Here are some new ops for you to check out:

That about wraps it up for this post. Stay tuned for more information on changes in
the next few days and weeks.

For now:
Let us hear some feedback! Talk to us on social media, on discord or on github discussions.

Team Cables

cables is brought to you by

If you want to see some special feature integrated into cables,
contact us to see if we can make it happen.