Participate in #Nodevember


During the month of November, the digital arts community breaks out their nodes and shader graphs to craft a variety of goodness in their software of choice in the online event called #nodevember. It is a month of creative challenges and inspiration driven by topics shared by the organizers

Since beta has launched we are continuously blown away by the creative tools and amazing artwork that you create. This Nodevember we invite you to flex your prowess with and participate online by following the prompts shared by the Nodevember organizers. 

You set your own challenges - create interactive WebGL patches, try creating 3D meshes from arrays, create wild Image Compose shaders to drive WebAudio or maybe only use a Basic Material. Anything goes, but in the spirit of Nodevember, the main challenge is to create demonstrations without relying on imported 3D models, sampled music, photographs, HDRIs - you get the point. You can take a look at the suggested constraints in the "Additional Info" section on the Nodevember site here.

We are excited for you to take the challenge in the next month and are eager to see what you create. Follow the prompts as they are revealed and see what ideas come to mind for your patches. We will dedicate our Weekly Wednesday Meetups in November to help guide your creations and answer questions related to sharing your works at the event.

Once you are ready to post your artwork online - please capture a video of your patch and post it online under the hashtags #cablesgl #nodevember #nodevember2021. 

The goal of the event is to spread the word and inspire others.

...and win shirts and stickers! 

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LogicX Virtual Showroom 2021

by Wirmachenbunt

You might have noticed while browsing this month's top voted patches that cables user known as Wirmachenbunt posted a public preview of an interactive  scene. The project slice that we get to pick apart and learn from is part of the new LogicX Virtual Showroom website driven by cables graphics and includes some cool stuff under the hood. 

We absolutely had to sit down and ask some questions about how the studio was able to achieve this great looking website. Here is our interview and be sure to check out the links at the bottom for a closer look!

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September 2021 Release

Matcaps 'n' stuff

Hey there,

after taking a bit longer for the last release we decided to put this one out a bit quicker.

This release contains over one hundred bugfixes and improvements for features we introduced in the last update. Thanks much for testing, reporting and be sure to continue with the feedback on our forum, official discord and github issue tracker! As always you can look at all the changes in the official changelog.

Cool but what about the NEW stuff? Glad you asked and we would love to draw your attention to two bigger things.

One is a creative tool made in cables by our very own Patch Master Bagoof to create assets for your projects -  even for use in other pieces of software!

The other one will help make your 3D models be a lot smaller and hence load faster.

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August 2021 Release


Hey there,

it has been some time since the last release. But this one was worth the wait.

We tackled roughly 270 issues with this one, some of these where reported in the public issue tracker. Thanks to "tastez", "kikohs", "n4hui", "dino5711", "krisj", and "prestonoutatime" for reporting these!

With this release we introduce a whole new editing experience to you.

After we changed some of the icons, moved around menus and made the whole editor look a bit more polished, this time we went all in and are finally switching to our new full WebGL 60FPS patch editor. 

Having the editor itself no longer draw ops and cables to SVG but being completely rendered in WebGL gives massive improvements in regards to performance and a lot of new possibilities for improvement.

This has been in development for over a year, has been an option "on dev" for some months and the undev team battle-tested it over the last four months in real world projects.

We feel it's ready and hope you like all the shiny new stuff. We'd love to hear some feedback!

What's in there:

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Made with Cables

In our new series "made with cables" we try to give you some behind-the-scenes tricks and insights on how people approach certain challenges in real-world projects.

The first episode tells us a bit of the story behing massiveBASS which we (undev) made in cooperation with the kids.


Bad Manners Records BM7

Gesloten Cirkel

NEW EP BM7 - Gesloten Cirkel on Bad Manners Records teaser microsite:

February 2021 Release

Editor and UI changes


another two months have passed since the last blogpost for an update. As planned we are doing smaller updates now and hence had one "in between" at 13th of January (scroll down here for changes in that release).

This release closes ~90 issues and includes ~20 bug fixes. This is not the reason for this post though.

We made some breakthrough changes in the UI of the editor that we'd like to introduce to you.

Let's get into it:

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Last year in cables

What a weird year it was. Despite all the hardships there has been a lot of stuff going on in the cables universe. Quite a lot actually, as we found out collecting everything we wanted to mention in this blog post.

- Our community grew by about 30%
- We explored streaming to twitch regularly and ended up with weekly Discord meetups
- We released five big updates this year
- We introduced features, bugfixes and improvements in closing 832 issues from our backlog
- We now offer around 1600 ops for all your needs
- 33 videos have been published including examples, tutorials, livestreams, ...
- People created about 47k patches in the time since we started cables. Wow!

cables has been used in workshops at universities, for installations all over the world, for commercial projects, hobby projects, proof of concepts, art and who knows what else. 
Projects using cables won prices in competitions, were seen/used by lots of people and generally made the offline and online world a more beautiful place.

Thank you everyone who made this possible!

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